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08 November 2012
New yacht Ferretti 690 - meet with applause. The yacht was made ​​at the shipyard in Forlì...

06 November 2012
A new version of cruise boats Wider...

In our days when you buy the yacht you're not just raising your status, you're also get an elegant, supercomfortable and well-equipped state-of-art vehicle for aquatic recreation. However until very recently building of yachts was reserved only for western companies, and the main buyers of yachts were customers from Europe and USA, because prices of yachts were unacceptable for buyers from Russia.

Today "Sindi-M" is offering its customers the unique possibility tо buy world-class yachts that company produces itself in Russia on the most acceptable price. The company mostly specializes on building of Super Premium yachts with the highest level of comfort, luxury finishes and excellent technical performance. The Company also offers home-produced yachts for rivers and compact motorboats.

The yacht building is a very complicated technological process from the stage of design to development of the unique style of new yachts. On our website you can find project documentation for several models of our yachts and make sure that all of them are in full compliance with the world standards. Our engineers are not just creating beautiful and comfortable yachts, but making all efforts to make them as safe and functional as possible. For building and finishing of our yachts we use only the best materials (steel, aluminum, composites, wood) and the most advanced equipment.

As long as "Sindi-M" offers only home-made yachts and motorboats, prices for all model range will be lower than cost of boats of the same category produced by foreign companies. So if you wish to buy a beautiful, comfortable and functional yacht in Moscow or any other Russian city, the offering of "Sindi-M" is simply the best you can find.