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The Russian Endurance Pneumatics Class Championship results

On the 8th of October 2011, in \"Gals\" yacht-club, which is located on the left bank of the Klyasma reservoir territory, another Russian powerboat championship has passed. The Russian Racing Group company, with the support of the Powerboat Russian Federation, was an organizer of this competition. Endurance Pneumatics Class Championship included (RIB) 1-3-4 (PR-3000, PR-1500, PR-770) classes. They finished the powerboat competition season for this year.

In the national championship, the country’s best yachtsmen were competing. The competition was attended by thirty crews, including even the winners of the 2011 European and World Powerboat Championships. The yachtsmen took part in four races, each being held for twenty minutes.

The Russian Championship aim was to identify the best and strongest boatsmen, for them to make the superb team. But it wasn’t its only aim. Another goal was the Championship promotion contributing the boat sport development. It will be good to see the growth of boat sport and technical results, making higher its members’ skills, as well as the union of all interested organizations and companies, which take part in the water-motor sport development.

During the championship, its sponsor - the Russian Racing Group - gave a unique opportunity for a class PR-1500 boat test-drive: the race has been successfully carried out by the amateurs.

Particular attention was paid at the championship safety and security. For this purpose, Dmitri Gurov and Eugene Dunaev were on duty throughout the event – they were the representatives of the Russian Powerboat Federation search and rescue team. They stayed near the water, together with the ambulance. Route safety and security were provided by the MU-ChemSpasVod members.

Eduard Dunaev was selected as the main judge of the championship, and S.A. Belugin (Master of Sports Powerboat) made a perfect commentator. It is worth noting an excellent presentation of two women who fought for victory as bravely as men did: Valentina Vyguzova and Nina Abrosova.

As a result of the championship, Dmitry Malkin of New Star Team 2 was named the leader in the PR-1 category. Dmitri Vandyshev of a New Star took the second place. Michael Kitashovu of New Star 2 made a good effort and became the third champion.

In the PR-3 category, Boris Zhazhkov from the Harley Davidson team took the 1st place, while the second place went to Boris Efimkin from RRG Elko. And finally, the third - to Oleg Sazonov from Harley Davidson.

According to competitions results, in the PR-4 category the places were distributed as follows: Alex Vasilenko was the leader of Stringer Mnev. He was followed by Alexander Smirnov, also a member of the Stringer Mnev. And the 3rd place belongs to Nikolai Fyodorov from the Khimki Team.

In a special category, for his \"Will to Win\" Fedor Meshkov from the RRGHonduras was also mentioned and rewarded.

The winners, in addition to diplomas, medals and prizes, had also received the master of sports and the candidate titles, as well as the souvenirs from the «Hearts of Russia», Carillusion, Trymax, «Ingosstrah Life\" companies, and the original free-made jewellery etc. certificates for from the Vladimir Markin and Status Design companies.