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The Russian Yachting Federation started to prepare for making the round-the-world travel record (non-stop for 80 days)

Early October, the representatives of the Russian Yachting Federation - Oleg Yevdokimenko, Alexander Yezhkov, Sergey Borodinov, Anatoly Karachinsky and Oscar Koniuhov – made a deal with the «Senso One» mega-yacht owner about its usage in a non-stop travel around the world. Sergey Borodinov is sure, that the high level of the «Senso One» yacht could easily make this trip possible in 80 days term, with the following route: the English Channel - Cape of Good Hope - Cape Luynes - Cape Horn - and the English Channel again. It is known that the yacht was built especially for this kind of trip – to make the record. The yacht owner, which is a British citizen Bob Miller, wanted to set three new records: the Transatlantic, the Pacific, and to travel on his mega-yacht around the world in eighty days. He made almost all of his dreams come true. Setting the first couple of records was easy (eventually, the first one took 6 days, and the second - 11 days), but the last one had to be postponed for the health purposes. However, the size of mr Miller racing yacht – and it’s 44 meters – is perfect for the trip around the world: thanks to the yacht size, good conditions had been created to keep 20 men life going on well, for 80 days, non-stop, in an open sea.

Training for the 80-day travelling is planned for the early 2012: it is going to be a transatlantic passage from east to west. Following its results, the experts will evaluate the technical condition of this mega-yacht, and the volume of investments necessary for its actual preparation for the voyage around the world. If the crew makes it, the winners will receive an appropriate award - the Jules Verne trophy, made especially for the keel yacht project.

According to Sergei Borodinov, the idea of this trip was born in 1996, as well as the though to use the keel boat as the main ship. When Pierre Felmann – the Swiss yachtsman - organized race «Grand Mistral - Round the World Race», there were seven monotypic yachts, developed by Bruce Farr, specifically for this rally. The idea of using for world voyage one of those keel yachts was already discussed by all yachtsmen around the globe. The common opinion after several years of debates became the conclusion, that there are only a few yachts in the world, which could go for it, with the crew on board. These yachts are: Volvo 70, the modern maxi yachts, and the largest racing mega-yacht in the world – the “Senso One” (ex. “Mari Cha 4”). Among the other ships, in 1993, the ‘80-day voyage around the world’ record have already been set by the trimarans and catamarans. And in 2010, the skipper Frank Kama made a sailing voyage around the world on a «Groupama», which took just 48 days, with an average speed of 18.7 knots. Among the keel yachts, the record still remains with Michel Dejvajou whose trip took 84 days, with an average speed of 10.7 knots.

The «Senso One» mega-yacht has the following specifications: swinging keel, water ballast, ten tons for each side, same two masts of the 50 meters length, total width of ten meters, and the total length of 44 meters, as it has already been discussed above. Inside the boat, there is enough space for the crew to sail.