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A new version of cruise boats Wider 42

The new modification called Cote D'Azur, which can be translated into Russian as "Côte d'Azur". This name can not be considered accidental. The fact that many of the changes came under the influence of the observations and suggestions dealer from the south coast of France.

The evolution model is due to the new layout. Undergone the greatest transformation of the average sliding part. From now on the center there is a sofa, on which are placed twelve. Next, if the owner wishes, we can equip vetbar or galley. On a kind of "open" kitchen will be a place not only for the board, but the refrigerator. Dinetta without difficulty into a couch or chaise lounge.

From less global change should pay attention to the appearance of a special place in the "Torpedo" for storing all sorts of little things, such as a wallet, cell phone, sun cream and so on. Dvuhkayutny boat more suitable for day trips. However, thanks to a double bed, a couple of people are quite comfortable and will spend the night on board.

Cummins engines with a capacity of 480 horsepower boat can reach speeds in excess of fifty knots.