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Stepping on board of own yacht is the same as crossing the line… And there, overline, where is no freedom limits, no conditions, no conventionalities. It means being higher than all the statuses and the value systems, further than the horizon. Where to go? What is the final destination point? Who is going to become Your travel partner? You can choose everything You want.

The boat can become a centre, where You will keep an eye on the threads of Your business-contacts and valuable connections. Or magnificent water palace, where You will see only honoured ones.

The Cindy-M company is to Your services. Two boats, projected and built by Cindy-M, are the real brilliants of the ship-making industry. Their design is flawless, posh and elegant. SUPER Premium projects class is our speciality. And when we do what we were born to do, we have no doubts in quality.